Meet Your Tour Guides

Sandy Selby has been dressing up in historical clothing and leading tours for years. With the new Arrow Rock Ghost Tours, she’s giving herself permission to dress for the current century but will be spending plenty of time looking backward for the weirdest, creepiest stories from the Arrow Rock of days gone by. She has collected ghost stories from the locals, paranormal evidence including EVPs and videos, and tantalizing tidbits from the wild, woolly days of Arrow Rock’s formative years.

Professionally, she’s a writer, editor, and historian who loves working with small towns who want to capture their history. She is also the director of music for Arrow Rock Federated Church.

Marty Selby is a professional historic preservation consultant who owns Well-Preserved Consulting and helps his clients determine the best approach to conserving their irreplaceable properties. He speaks with authority on the history and construction of Arrow Rock’s buildings and will be on the tour to share that information and answer questions about the houses and business properties that have stood the trials of time. He’s even run into some ghosts, and he’ll tell you about those encounters.

Recently, Marty has begun offering trainings for cemetery stone cleaning. His methods are safe for the fragile old stones and the details revealed on those freshly cleaned stones are nothing short of amazing.